Publicity & PR

Album/EP Press

Whether it’s your debut EP or your farewell album, every release should have a press campaign built around it. Getting reviews and interviews ahead of a release can increase sales and do wonders for raising awareness of the band. We work with top outlets to premiere exclusive content a such as singles and advanced album/EP streams as well.

Video/Single Placement

Releasing a new video or song? We can help with getting it premiered on well established media outlet. We also will send out the news of your video to press across the world helping to increase views or listens. 


Tour Press

Being on the road touring is an exciting time for an artist or band. Playing new or favorite cities, meeting new fans and making new ones. It's also a perfect opportunity to showcase your talents to local and national media. We work with writers and photographers to cover shows by reviewing shows, interviews, and pre-show coverage. All can help grow your fan base and play more shows. 

Press Release

Got some exciting news to share with the world? We can send out a press release to the media to help spread your news far and wide.