Versari Experience a Reawakening With Their Third Album "Sous la peau"

French Post-Punk/Rock artists Versari release their third album Sous La peau.

Drawing their influence from the French style of songwriting Chanson, Sous La peau is an awakening for Verari, shedding their skin from their prior form and being reborn in a sonic fire to their current state. Sous La peau features radiating guitars, a powerful bass and percussion section that are intense, yet elegant and seductive. All match perfectly with vocalist Jean-Charles Versari lyrics, which sings stories of purifying pyres, burning lies, and false pretenses. Sous La peau features guest musician Adrian Utley, founding member of the iconic Trip-hop band Portishead. A combination of all these elements lead to a powerful and provocative album.  

Jean-Charles Versari reflects on writing Sous La peau...

 "Looking at Sous la Peau now, I see how most of the songs talk about loss: the loss of perspective, loss of loved ones, loss of creativity, loss of bearings. Sous la Peau is the permanent feeling you have in these moments, when some sort of fire is permanently crawling under the skin."

The music video for Versari's song Des Images , off the Sous La peau can be seen below. The video features objective, subjective and fugitive images. What you see, what you think you understand, and what you feel like you've seen. Sous La peau is out now.