The Mystic Underground Announce Their Third Album "Wrapped In Riddles"

Synthpop/New Wave upstarts The Mystic Underground announce their new album Wrapped in Riddles.

Moody. Driving. Buoyant. Synth and sass. Brooklyn synthpop outfit The Mystic Underground return to prove that electronic music can be thought-provoking, immensely compelling and seductively danceable thus creating an intoxicating sound. Inheriting a love of classic alternative bands such as the Smiths, David Bowie and New Order fused with a love of Britpop, dance and Industrial, The Mystic Underground are quite the eclectic duo comprised of singer/songwriter Vladimir Valette and keyboardist/producer Benedetto Socci. Finding the way in the early days of the last decade, the band would soon forge their identity in the international synthpop community at large. The pair’s last album, 2016’s Protagonist was released to great acclaim from several prominent synthpop blogs like The Electricity Club and Electrozombies whilst also receiving substantial play on internet and college radio. With the forthcoming release, the new record entitled Wrapped in Riddles set for the 13th of November via their Stereosonic Recordings label, unconventional is one way to describe the twosome’s particular take on the electronic pop sound. A glimpse of this can be readily heard on the record’s lead single, The Fixer, a song that touches on decisions and the risk of taking action and the perils of inaction. A pulsing anthem for the smoke-filled dance-floor replete with Valette’s deadpan vocal backed by a motorik backbeat and Socci’s menacing synth palette offers a taste of what is to come.

The music video for The Fixer premieres on and can be scene below.