Strvngers Release Their Emotionally Intense Music Video VITA BREVIS

Darkwave artists Strvngers release the music video for their deeply personal song VITA BREVIS.

VITA BREVIS at its core is about vulnerability and unconditional love for someone who truly hurt you. VITA BREVIS comes from the phrase “ars longa, vita brevis”, a Latin version of the Greek proverb meaning; ‘Art is long, life is short.’ The words "I hope you’re happy now” are sung throughout the chorus in a bittersweet melancholic tone but is truly meant. With the video, Strvngers wanted to convey a sense of love and vulnerability. A stripped down, unmasked man dancing with a phantom lover. Vocalist Maria Joaquin explains the inspiration behind VITA BREVIS..

It’s something she would say to me often, reminding me to continue to live my life free and unabashed. It’s one of the more personal songs focussing on the confusion I had towards the end of our relationship.

Composer KC adds..

I remember talking to Maria about what had happened and specifically wrote this around those conversations. I wanted to tailor it specifically to Him. I even asked for voice messages to use as samples in the song. I love Maria but I wanted to crush him with this one.

Also found on the VITA BREVIS single is the song ZAYKA. Used in Russian romance, meaning bunny, ZAYKA is an intimate look into the aftermath of an abusive relationship and heartbreaking insight that only comes with hindsight. What begins as an sincere and loving relationship slowly deteriorated into sadism. Maria felt he was being held captive and unable to escape, but at the same time love for his captor.

The music video for VITA BREVIS can be seen below..