Statik Industrial TV Debuts First Episode

YouTube Channel Statik Industrial TV launches it's debut episode bringing a spotlight to the Industrial music community. Statik Industrial TV is the vision of Artist/DJ Rexx Arkana (FGFC820, Coldkill, Bruderschaft) and Luke Haughwot. The channel was started to bring attention to the Industrial music community and showcase what it has to offer. Statik Industrial TV will feature artists, events, and culture throughout the community and will be an ongoing web series. 

The first episode features the Terminus Festival which takes place annually in Calgary, AB Canada. In it's seventh year, the Terminus Festival took place July 27th-29th and features acclaimed Dark Electro artists from around the world. The episode features performances from some of the artists who played the festival  as well as interviews with legendary artists such as Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip), Yone Dudas (Decoded Feedback), Mesh, and many more.