Panic Priest Reveals His New Album and Quarantine Dance Party Music Video "Lonely City"

Synthpop/Post-Punk artist Panic Priest reveals the details on his new album Second Seduction and releases the music video for his new song Lonely City.

Founded by Chicago, IL based artist Jack Armondo (My Gold Mask), Second Seduction is the sophomore album from Panic Priest.  Second Seduction is set to be released May 1st on multi-faceted Electronic label Negative Gain. The album was co-produced and engineered by Brian Fox (Wingtips, Ganser). The new album intertwines classic genres such as Darkwave, Post-Punk and Goth while a richly layered modern Synth-pop sensibility elevates the album to something larger than simple nostalgic recreation. Performed and composed almost entirely by Armondo (with key contributions by Twin Tribes, Vincent Segretario of Wingtips and Gretta Rochelle of My Gold Mask), Second Seduction is simultaneously personal yet fantastical. A cathartic account of Armondoʼs real life experiences, stemming from personal heartbreak, life as a non-monogamous individual and even current political anxieties, be prepared to once again be tempted and lured into the world of Panic Priest.

In addition to his new his new album, Panic Priest released his new music video Lonely City. The song was itself was originally written in 2019, dealing with the feelings of isolation Armondo was experiencing while going through a tough time in his life, which has become very relevant today with the current pandemic. The music video for Lonely City features various fans and friends of Armondo's across the USA dancing to the song while quarantined in their homes.  

Armondo provides insight in the video for Lonely City:  

"When I first started writing “Lonely City” years ago, I could never have anticipated how unfortunately relevant the lyrics would become. Month’s ago, Brian Fox, co-producer of the upcoming album, suggested a video of people dancing at home. Being isolated myself during this difficult time, I wanted to use that idea to give others a fun project to be a part of. I reached out to over 30 friends and fans who are all staying home due to COVID-19 and was thrilled with the responses I received. I can’t tell you how much it lightened my mood to see video after video of people just letting go and forgetting about their problems, if only for a few minutes. Video editor David Gall did an amazing job putting this together. I hope this video can be a reminder to anyone who needs it, that we are not truly alone."