Panic Priest is on the Prowl in his new Song "Nighthunter"

Post-Punk/Darkwave artist Panic Priest returns with his new song Nighthunter.

Nighthunter is the lead single from the forthcoming Panic Priest album Second Seduction via Negative Gain. Second Seduction is the long waited follow up to Panic Priest's self-titled debut album. Written and performed entirely by Jack Armondo, with production and mixing provided by Brian Fox (Wingtips, Ganser), Nighthunter is a moody, dark Synth-pop track inspired by Jack’s own real-life, after-dark experiences

Armondo explains: Nighthunter is quite frankly about going out and looking to hookup in the wee hours of the night. There is a smoky, sexy atmosphere to the track…but with a slightly ominous undertone. As the song progresses, it becomes clear that the narrator may themselves be a victim of their own heartache and the actual prey of their own perceived hunt.

Nighthunter is premiering at and can be seen heard HERE. 

Detail on his new album Second Seduction will be released soon.