Nu Goth Artists grabyourface Reaches the Brink With Her New Album "Sea".

French Nu Goth/Dark Electronic artist grabyourface signs with Dark Electronic label Negative Gain and will release her new album Sea December 18th.

Sea is a six track album about mental illness, or how anxiety and depression can push someone to the edge of life. It talks about abuse, PTSD and moral violence in very implicit and indirect ways, always sober, always modest and bashful. It features the grandiose So, on which the organ takes the climax up to the top, the hit song Shore, with a more rapid beat and intense synths, and the immensely sad closer Sea, the title track, a violent and emotional journey through suicide. grabyourface has made a name for herself in the new wave of goth, with her modern sounds and very current, very relevant lyrics about mental illness and self exploration. She has collaborated with artists such as MORIS BLAK, Daddybear, and EBM masters Covenant on past works, showing her virtual range and diversity.

Sea is a must have for anyone wanting some music to cry to. Songwriter Marie Lando explains what inspired her to write Sea..

It was inspired by a very dark period of my life where I felt destroyed, like I had lost connection with myself and what counted for me, forever. I almost let go. This connection with reality and me almost broke.

The music video for the first single, Shore premieres at and can be seen below.