N A T U R E Announces His Debut Album VOIX

Afro-Darkwave/Coldwave artist N A T U R E Announces his debut album VOIX.

VOIX was inspired by W.E.B. Du Bois' idea of "Double Consciousness" and finding one's inner voice. These ideas come out fluently in the lyrics, drum patterns and synth composition on the VOIX. The debut of NATURE is only the beginning of Eberhardt's journey into electronic music and leaves the listener in anticipation. Afro-coldwave has arrived. Nate Eberhardt explains why he started N A T U R E...

With love on our minds and fire in our hearts this album invites the listeners into the world of Nature. I wanted to create a project where people can dance and feel inspired to create despite the day to day hardships we all go through. I feel I brought the listeners to a place that was familiar to me.

VOIX will be released February 4th worldwide. N A T U R E has released the first single "All In TIme"