MORIS BLAK Releases His New EP "Irregular Revisions Vol II"

Industrial Bass maestro MORIS BLAK releases his new EP Irregular Revisions Vol II on Negative Gain.

Irregular Revisions Vol II is collection of remixes from MORIS BLAK's smash hit label debut, The Irregularity of Being and two brand new songs, Burying Place and Crystalline

Irregular Revisions Vol II features the vocal talents of Alicia May (formerly of Dark Electronic group SNVFF) on Burying Place. The song is a satisfying, full-bodied journey through holographic dreamscapes and lush cybernetic environments, giving way to a frenetic, irresistibly danceable climax. Alicia's emotive lyrics speak powerfully to the heart as mechanized basslines rumble below: Abusers keep their power through secrecy, by making the truth feel harder to tell than the pain of staying quiet. This song is dedicated to those taking back their power by telling their truth.

Crystalline features Darkwave up and comers SYZYGYX, and is chaotic and a heavy hitter that serves as a Dark Electronic/Industrial anthem. Lending their considerable talents to the album as remixers are Cyanotic, HAEX, Strngr, Aura Shred, CARV.R, In Her Hate, and The Wavepeak. The next chapter of industrial bass dominance is in effect.

The music video for Burying Place can be seen below. Irregular Revisions Vol II is out today on Negative Gain.