MORIS BLAK Releases His New EP "Irregular Revisions Vol 1"

ndustrial Bass maestro MORIS BLAK releases his new EP Irregular Revisions Vol 1 on Negative Gain.

Irregular Revisions Vol 1 is collection of remixes from MORIS BLAK's smash hit label debut, The Irregularity of Being and two brand new songs, Complicate and Dead Line.

Irregular Revisions Vol 1 features synth sorceress grabyourface, on the song Complicate, an irresistibly heady anthem for the industrial underworld. Meanwhile, Dead Line is a violent electronic reverie laid over tense atmospheric soundscapes, dropping into unrelenting assaults of chainsawing synths. Lending their considerable talents to the album are SØLVE, Cellmod, Big Time Kill, Gor Flsh, Blood Wolf, and Truly Significant. The next chapter of industrial bass dominance begins.

The first single, Dead Line off Irregular Revisions Vol 1 premiered on This Song Slaps