Miss FD & Vulture Culture Announce Their New Song "Faster Than Light"

Miss FD teams again with Vulture Culture on new song Faster Than Light.

Working together on previous songs such as Spitfire and Ashes of Stars, Miss FD and Vulture Culture join forces again on their song Faster Than Light. Their newest collaboration takes them to different territory. Miss FD goes into detail on the new song..

We were inspired to try something a bit different for Faster Than Light. We have wanted to collaborate and experiment within a different genre, and as we worked on the song we started to develop a heavy EDM sound for it. Once we finished it, we knew it fit the idea of Faster Than Light perfectly.

Alex Dalliance of Vulture Culture adds..

It was exciting to step outside of our "Synthpop/Industrial" comfort-zone and try some new synthesis techniques to make something evolving and massive-sounding.