Lorelei Dreaming Releases Their New Music Video "Parachute of Gold (Surrender Mix)"

Dark Dance/Dark pop artists Lorelei Dreaming release their new music video Parachute Of Gold (Surrender Mix). Originally released on Lorelei Dreaming's debut EP Banshee, the band made an updated version of the song with a cinematic video.  Band member AJ Gapsevic explains what he likes about the new version of the song and video..

"Parachute of Gold was one of my favorite tracks off the original EP. It has a tongue in cheek story and and the music has a great build up to it. Seeing that song get put to a gorgeous, cinematic music video is kinda blowing my mind."

The video for Parachute of Gold (Surrender Mix) was directed by Christopher Davis of Human Twelve and was shot largely at the Medusa Chicago Nightclub.