Komrads Releases Their New Song Dedicated to Lost Loved Ones "Scatter The Ashes"

Darkwave artist Komrands release his new song Scatter The Ashes

Scatter The Ashes is about remembering and yet overcoming the loss of a loved one. Working through the pain, frustration, grief and eventually acceptance. Scatter The Ashes was originally written by Vocalist and Composer Zachary Burnett as way to help deal with the heartache of losing his mother to cancer. He explains the process of writing the song...

"Writing this song was a mental workout for me.  It's a metaphor for letting go of the grief I've carried after losing my mother to cancer in 2010.  The first verse focuses on carrying the weight of my grief, trying to put on the facade that I was ok.  The second verse I get into how badly that grief was crushing me and that I couldn't go on feeling that way.  So by "scattering the ashes" I'm letting go of my grief and frustration and accepting that loss is a part of life.  After I finished writing and engineering this song, I felt this huge sigh of relief.  I truly exercised my demons and accepted that this is my reality.  We all experience loss at some point and its ok to not be okay.  This song is for those who are suffering and I want them to know they're not alone and it's ok."