Kill Shelter & Antipole “Burn Bright” with their Latest Single

Following the runaway success of their debut outing “Raise the Skies”, Kill Shelter and Antipole have just launched a second single from the forthcoming album “A Haunted Place” entitled “Burn Bright”.

This collaboration between Kill Shelter (UK) and Antipole (Norway) explores the theme of addiction and its impact on the human psyche. The track is a mix of adrenaline fuelled highs and dynamically contrasting lows and works on many levels. The track is as equally at home on the dance floor as it is on a domestic turntable.

Lyrically, Burn Bright is full of layers for something so deceptively simple. It deals with themes of addiction in all its forms but it also has a strong element of salvation. Like all the tracks on “A Haunted Place”, the lyrics come from a very personal place and hopefully it’s something that some people can identify with along the way.” Pete Burns - Kill Shelter

Burn Bright is another one of our more upfront songs taken from the album. It has a dark energy but there are also elements of melancholic fragility caught within the music itself. I think you can really hear the interplay between our guitar styles - there is a natural tension as they interweave throughout the track which I really like.Karl Morten Dahl - Antipole

A Haunted Place will be released March 26th on Manic Depression Records and is available to pre-order on vinyl and CD via Manic Depression Records.

The Limited Edition vinyl variants sold out in a matter of days on the artists’ Bandcamp pages.

To support the single release, the "Burn Bright" video, again with post-production by Pete Burns, is premiering on Yami Spechie’s YouTube channel and can be seen by clicking the image below...