Industrial Artists Go Fight Release New Single "Chemical"

Industrial artists Go Fight are back with their new single Chemical

Chemical is the latest single from Industrial and self-proclaimed Electroscuzz artists Go Fight. The song is off their new album Toyko Sexwale, which was released earlier this year. The song was written and composed by Jim Marcus, founder of the legendary Industrial group Die Warzau. Jim Marcus explains the inspiration behind and the song and video for Chemical...

When I was younger I used to hate so much shows like Bewitched and I dream of Genie because they were all about these magical people- women with magical powers - and they were all with these dullards- men who wanted them to be no magical. I wanted to showcase that here in this video- to show how someone magical doesn't really need anyone in their life to be that magic person. So I asked Nicole to be in to- one of the most magical people I know. We had a lot of fun with the song and with the video.