Industrial Artist I Ya Toyah Announces Her New Album "Code Blue" Premieres Newest Single "Glass Eyes

Industrial/Electro Rock artist I Ya Toyah has released the music video for her new single Glass Eyes.

Glass Eyes is I Ya Toyah's third single from the full length debut album Code Blue. It tells a story about mental crash as a consequence of a chain reaction caused by social expectations, pressure and fear of failure, resulting in procrastination, inaction and...insanity.

Glass Eyes symbolizes the distorted reality we live in. We are the victims of constituted values and the system supporting them. We need to question the rules we live by, and why we seek constant approval from society. To be socially accepted, we are pressured to fit into a definition, a label that is nothing more but a moral agent suiting to control the mind that is supposed to be free. I Ya Toyah wrote the song to make a point that seeing things differently doesn’t have to be the wrong thing. It often opens up a possibility for us to notice what we haven’t seen before. It’s ok not to be ok- we all aren’t. Struggling with the darkness and demand to hide it causes more unease. It builds a vicious cycle, fear of fear, leading to unwellness and mental instability.

Glass Eyes is premiering on Pure Grain Audio and can be seen HERE