Grendel Announces The Ascending The Abyss North America Tour

Rock fusion artist Grendel announce their North America tour with Striplicker, Glass Apple Bonzai, and Esoterik

In support of their upcoming album Ascending the Abyss. Grendel will embark on a two month North America tour. Supporting Grendel on the tour will be Industrial artists Striplicker, Synthwave artist Glass Apple Bonzai, and Darkwave upstarts Esoterik. 

Grendel frontman JD Tucker recently revolutionized Grendel's sound with their 2017 album Age of the Disposable Body, demonstrating a shift away from standard Industrial, adding elements of Rock, Synthwave, Post-Punk, and Darkwave. On the upcoming release Tucker surpasses the conventions of the genre, demonstrating his composition skills with infectious hooks blended with aggressive guitars, 80s style synths and intricate yet captivating percussion. As well, Tucker has matured lyrically, exhibiting both confidence and vulnerability, while still remaining faithful to his previous, more politically critical work.