Genessier Release Their New EP "Wolf Moon Blood"

Nightmare Industrial artists Genessier release their new EP Wolf Moon Blood.

Following up on their critically acclaimed album Graces the Bone, the Horror Industrialists return with their ruthless new EP Wolf Moon Blood. Never ones to shy away from scaring yet intriguing with their music and going down a much darker path, Wolf Moon Blood is the next step in this duo's diabolical evolution and will provide nightmare fuel for ages. Vocalist and Composer Ryan Policky divers deeper into what inspired Wolf Moon Blood...

"This set of tracks truly represents a side of terror and agony experienced throughout the past few years of hiding in the hauntcade studio Genessier produces out of. Utilizing a fresh set of meat, Chase Dobson and Andy Uhrmacher, the sound is deeper and more haunted than before, with the lead single "Only Temporary" bleeding down the wall from the onset."

Wolf Moon Blood is out now on Latenight Weekend Records.