Electro Rock Artists AL1CE Release Their New Album The Thirteenth Hour

Electro Rock artists AL1CE announce the release of their new album the Thirteenth Hour.

The Thirteenth Hour is the product of over a year’s worth of non-stop creative flow from not only the members of AL1CE, but friends and collaborative partners alike. Over 100 people have contributed in some form or fashion to the making of this album, which marks this as AL1CE's biggest release to date. The core music was produced by the band itself and was mixed and mastered by guitarist and composer Scott Landes. Scott explains what it took to make The Thirteenth Hour possible.

Working on this album has fed each part of me as an artist in the sense I‘ve been constantly challenged to grow. We met the crazy once a month deadlines of producing/mixing/mastering our Moondrops, built sets for our music videos, shot and edited them, in tandem with just dealing with the intensity of life that happens when you’re working at 1000% with no rest. But at the end of the day, what I have found ultimately inspiring are the people that are involved. I really feel like my bandmates are my family. AL1CE wouldn’t be AL1CE without the contributions of each and every person that makes up the whole.

The video for the song Frequency, which is off The Thirteenth Hour, can be seen below. The Thirteenth Hour is out now worldwide.