Electro-Rock Artist FIRES Releases Their Sophomore Album 'All of My Dreams Are of This Place'

Punk/Electro-Rock artist FIRES returns with their sophomore album All of My Dreams Are of This Place, which is set to be released on Negative Gain  on May 10, 2019.  

After the successful release of their first album Red Goes Grey in 2017, FIRES is back to bring raw emotion with their new album.  After recently coming out as a female, vocalist/composer AJ gave some insight into the new album and the true emotions behind it...

"This album represents a culmination of past lives and new beginnings, both sonically and thematically. While All Of My Dreams Are Of This Place bears little semblance to the music of Red Goes Grey, the concepts remain the same: finding power in what hurts you, learning to grow, and being a better self."