DK-Zero Enter Into a Nightmare Sci-Fi Realm in Their New Music Video "Replicate"

DK-Zero tap into their Industrial Metal roots in their new music video Replicate. 

Replicate is the latest single off DK-Zero's new album Cyber Sex Inc, which will be released July 31st on Cleopatra Records. Cyber Sex Inc is set in dystopian future where Corporations have done enough human gene testing that they have figured out a way to “breed out” the ability for the average person to enjoy having an orgasm or really feel much of anything at all sexually. The only way people can enjoy sex or “get off" is by purchasing a pill or multiple pills from the company. Cyber Sex Inc was produced by Charles Kallaghan Massabo (Falling In Reverse & Davey Suicide).  

Replicate follows a replicant clone through an experimental drug trialVocalist D-Punk expands upon what inspired DK-Zero to write Replicate..

In Replicate, I am singing from the perspective of one of the Replicant Clones in the middle of a drug test… and you get to see from his perspective how he goes from free-flowing, sexual thoughts in the verses, to the drugs kicking in during the pre-chorus, to the reality that the doctors are going to Replicate him. The bridge takes you on a spaced-out, drug-induced journey that feels almost like a sci-fi alien landscape, only to drop you back into the horrors of the operating room and the life of perpetual hell as a test subject.

The music video for Replicate premiered on New Noise Magazine