Danny Blu's Song "Bubble" Gets the Remix Treatment by Mr.Kitty

Dark Pop/Darkwave artist Danny Blu's song Bubble is remixed by Synthpop artist Mr.Kitty.

Bubble was released last summer by Danny Blu. The song delves into Danny's world and serves as an introduction to him and his music. Blu braids his personal life with his dark style, representing himself the only way he knows how. Blu expands on the process of writing Bubble..

Bubble was always meant to be a welcome to my weird dark world. When Walter (my insanely talented producer) and I embarked on this journey, we started from the first kick drum sound and worked our way up. Bubble, as the first single, was a “hello” from hell, a doorway to my stigma-free temple.

Blu also explains why he had the self proclaimed Self-Destructive Synthpop artist Mr.Kitty remix the song..

I'm a fan of all kitties. Especially Mr. Kitty. This carefree, bubblegum flavored mix adds such levity to the track that it truly benefits from it. It’s an honor to be reworking Bubble with yet another artist I have been inspired by.

Bubble (Mr.Kitty) remix is out now and can be heard here