Danny Blu (Echo Black) Teams with KANGA on His Song "White (K)night feat KANGA"

Dark Pop/Darkwave artist Danny Blu taps upstart Industrial artist KANGA on the remix of his track White (K)night feat KANGA (KANGA Remix)

Releasing the original version of White (K)night earlier this year, Danny Blu worked with up and coming artist KANGA on a new variation of the song. White (K)night was written by Danny about anxiety, specifically social anxieties and how he deals with them, mostly with drugs and alcohol. Seeking validation in all the wrong places such as social media, the wrong crowds, and egomaniacs. Danny first found success as the frontman of the Rock band Echo Black, but his solo work helped him strengthen his feelings and eliminate stigmas.

KANGA, a producer and musician from Los Angeles remixes the original club banger into an ethereal industrial duet, creating a tense and passionate lyrical dance between her and the song's protagonist Danny Blu. Danny explains what drove him to work with KANGA..

I’ve been a KANGA fan for a while now and have had the pleasure of seeing her grow over the past few years. This has been a surreal experience. What she did to the record is above and beyond what I ever expected. I’m incredibly proud to have collaborated with such a talented and thorough artist. KANGA  adds what drew her to White (K)night .. I love the emotional story in the song and felt that it was relatable enough to open up the narrative while also retaining the visceral energy of the original track.

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