Danny Blu (Echo Black) Announces His New Remix Album "The Pale Horse:Pandemonium"

Dark Pop/Darkwave artist Danny Blu announces his new remix album "The Pale Horse: Pandemonium".

Danny first found success as the frontman of the Rock band Echo Black, but his solo work helped him strengthen his feelings and eliminate stigmas. His debut album "The Pale Horse" stormed onto the scene toward the end of 2020, help pushing the limits. "The Pale Horse: Pandemonium" is the companion release to "The Pale Horse", the original work by Danny. "The Pale Horse:Pandemonium" taps the best up and coming artists from various genres of electronic based music such as Industrial, Darkwave, Electronic Rock and more.

"The Pale Horse: Pandemonium" features remixes by Mr.Kitty, The Anix, Imperative Reaction, Grendel and more. All the remixers adding their touches to each song, ranging for the more ambient to dancefloor classics. Each song and artist has become near and dear to Danny.

"The Pale Horse: Pandemonium" will be released worldwide on April 9th