DüllHaus Reflect on a Near Death Experience in Their Music Video "Let Me Go"

Los Angeles based DüllHaus announce the release of their new single Let Me Go.

Combining elements of Shoegaze, Post-Punk, and Industrial, DüllHaus release their deeply personal and reflective single Let Me Go. Representing the fragility and despair of death, Let Me Go is a reflection of the gloominess that followed the early lockdowns that resulted from the pandemic also it represents the strength of the human spirit. James Clearwater, the vocalist for the band, was in a near fatal motorcycle accident in 2019. The lyrics in the song depict his thoughts and memories flashing before his eyes as he bounced on the highway after being hit by a semi truck. James goes into more detail on the inspiration of Let Me Go and the music video for it..

We recorded this song during the beginning of the lockdown/quarantine period in early 2020, and were really just trying to channel the anxiety and frustration we were feeling as a result of profoundly isolating circumstances. When filming the music video, we decided upon a monochromatic color palette as the most natural method of exploring the darkness we were feeling, and washed the whole sequence in deep shadows to achieve it.

His bandmate and brother Quinn Clearwater adds..

When we sat down to record these two songs (Let Me Go/T7) in our home studio in Long Beach CA, COVID-19 had just hit and everything was shut down. It was really terrifying and stressful, and I feel that we really channeled those feelings into the heaviness of this track. We wanted the drum sequences and guitars to really slap the listener in the face, taking care to flesh out the dynamics of our song structures during these sessions. The end product feels as foreboding and melancholic as this year was at every turn, and the atmosphere feels as oppressive as being stuck inside, not knowing if it was safe to go anywhere.

Also included with the Let Me Go single is another song T7, which is representative of the injuries James experienced due to the accident. The music video for Let Me Go premiers on CVLT Nation and can be seen below.