Corlyx Release Their Sophomore Album "In2 The Skin". Discuss Body Image and Self Esteem

Dark Electro Grunge artists Corlyx announce the release of their new album In2The Skin. 

Fresh off the success of their debut album Music 2 F 2, Corlyx continues their journey with highly personal their release In2 The Skin. Vocalist and Composer Caitlin Stokes explains the inspiration behind the new album...

"'In2 The Skin" is a conceptual album at its core. A 10 song journey into the flesh. Everything that can happen to our body, the mental repercussions of abuse, negative self image, deformity, the web our sexuality spins as a result of our trauma, our fears and the journey we take to heal the mind and accept our skin. "

The music video for their new single Twist Like an Animal is out now and can be see HERE. The video was shot at various locations in Berlin, Germany and contains live footage of Corlyx's performance at the Berlin Music Video Awards earlier this year. The video was directed by Raw Art Creations