Corlyx Cover Nine Inch Nails In Their New Video Reptile

Indie Electro/Dark Pop duo Corlyx have released their video for Reptile, a cover the iconic Nine Inch Nails song. 

Corlyx's cover of Reptile is part of the recently released, Tribulations Nine Inch Nails tribute compilation We're In This ToGOTHerwhich is available as a free download. The video for Reptile was directed by Fabz Black and features costumes by Misassebled and AMF Korsets.

Vocalist and composer Caitlin Stokes talks about why they choose to cover Reptile..

The Downward Spiral was one of those life changing albums, it sculpted my musical taste for the rest of my life. I think it may have saved my life really. Reptile in particular is a song I think a lot of female artists would never consider covering, but I think when a woman sings it the meaning mutates into something very vulnerable, exposing the duality of femininity.