Chicago's Industrial Metal/Rock outfit Programmable Animal announce the release of his new album One

Chicago's Industrial Metal/Rock outfit Programmable Animal announce the release of his new album One Step to Hell on Negative Gain.

One Step to Hell, was produced/mixed by renowned Producer Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, 3TEETH, & No Doubt). The band also recorded with Chuck Macak (Born of Osiris, Fall of Troy, & Letlive.) at his studio while creating the album. One Step to Hell offers a tantalizing base of industrial Metal and contains elements of Post-Hardcore and Post-Rock. Programmable Animal brings in all of the best elements of each genre and bends them to their will. The album has tells a very personal story for Founder/Vocalist Drepsea. It delves into a time when his life was flipped upside down by narcissistic and backstabbing people, also the passing of a loved one and almost losing another loved one due to drug addiction. Drepsea explains further..

This album has been blood, sweat, and tears.. literally. I’ve endured some troubling experiences this past year and a half and the record is a result of that. Dealing with narcissistic backstabbing people, the effects of others using drugs and impacting me, the death of a loved one, & a loved one almost dying due to heroin overdose.. resulting in me having to perform CPR on them (due to cardiac arrest) until the paramedics arrived. A moment like this, when you're seeing the life of someone slip before your own eyes, you can do nothing but strive through the hardship. I just remember the people around me crying, begging for them not to leave us, in that moment instinct kicks in. Regardless of the panic as their breath was dissipating to the faintest gasp. You don't stop, keep on pushing. Life is filled with chaos, and it will always keep arising as you venture forward. There is always light at the end of tunnel. Even when things seem “One Step to Hell,” we always have the choice to push forward & make it better.

One Step to Hell is out today on Negative Gain. The music video for the title track premieres on New Noise Magazine and can be seen below.