Black Plastic Announces His New Album "Club Grotesque"

Electronic artist Black Plastic announces his new album "Club Grotesque" on Cleopatra Records.

Following up on his self titled debut album, Black Plastic presents his stunning sophomore release "Club Grotesque". Founded by renowned graphic designer Kevin Grady, Black Plastic present a beautifully composed Dark Electronic album.

"Club Grotesque" also features talented musicians, past and present. Synthpop artist André Obin, lends his vocal talents to the song, and first single "Bite" Richard Butler of the iconic Psychedelic Furs is the guest vocalist on the song "Acid Rain" which also features samples from Robert Calvert of Hawkwind. Lastly, Jason Corbett of the Post-Punk juggernauts ACTORS, produces the song "Sucker" and lends his guitar prowess to the track. He also remixes the track "Savage" on the album

Kevin Grady explains what inspired him to create "Club Grotesque"...

"Club Grotesque" grew out of a genuine sense of darkness and dread in what has been one of the hardest years we've experienced. Because of that, we doubled down on the beats—sometimes all you can do is dance it all out, even if it's by yourself in your bedroom. It's not goth, but it's definitely dance music for vampires.

"Club Grotesque" will be released April 16th on Cleopatra Records. It will be available on a limited edition purple vinyl as well as CD and digitally world wide