Alternative Industrial Rock Artists Programmable Animal Announces USA Tour

Chicago based Alternative Industrial-Rock artists Programmable Animal announce the tour dates for their upcoming US tour in support of their new album End of The Tail. The tour starts August 12th and runs through September 26th.The tour also includes highlights such as Programmable Animal playing an Electronic Saviors benefit show for cancer cure research and playing with Nu-Metal icons Hed PE

Tour Dates

August 12th EVANSVILLE, IN  @ PG  August 13th Columbus, OH  @ RUBY’S  August 14th-15th @ VENUE TBA (PA) August 19th-20th @ VENUE TBA (VA) August 23rd Richmond,VA @ FALLOUT August 24th Elikns, WV @ BREWSTEL  August 25th Louisville, KY @ OPEN COMMUNITY ARTS CENTER  September 1st ELECTRONIC SAVIORS Chicago, IL@ LIVE WIRE September 15th Ottawa, IL @ TBA  September 26th Joliet, IL @ THE FORGE w/ HED PE 

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Programmable Animal have also released the video for Pinhead, the latest single off their new album End of The Tail. The video features Steven Seibold (Hate Dept., Pigface, Standalone) on drums. Vocalist and composer Anthony Wonaitis explains the story behind Pinhead..

Pinhead is about someone I know personally who I nicknamed Pinhead. The person was caught up in drugs, prostitutes, depression, etc. They neglected a lot of people and their choices harmed others on a daily basis. Their actions affected me on a personal level.