Alt-Rock Duo MiXE1 Announce Their New Album "Reflections"

British Alt/Electro-Rock duo MiXE1 announce the release of their second studio album Reflections

Following up on the successful release of their debut album Starlit Skin, MiXE1 jump back into the fray with their hard hitting album, Reflections. The album features a slew of guest musicians. Artists such as Natasha Cox (Mankind Is Obsolete, AL1CE), JP Anderson(Rabbit Junk), and Roman Marisak (Professional Murder Music, Spacetime). Vocalist Mike Evans explains the inspiration behind the album...

"For me, Reflections represents the relationship between the world within us and the world around us; how the stories we tell ourselves over and over influence how we experience reality and, adversely, the effect of the media we consume. There’s also a dash of romance as with all MiXE1 releases! The band collectively stepped up our game for what I feel is our strongest material yet."